Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing top quality dog grooming services to our customers.

Pooch Pawlor RelaxedSafety and Comfort – Your pet’s safety, comfort and well-being is our highest priority.  Our aim is to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for every pet placed in our care.  Because we work by appointment only, we eliminate the assembly line grooming “rush” that can contribute to a stressful environment for your pet. A slower more loving grooming pace helps keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Expectations – During the check in process you will be asked to provide your dog’s groomer with detailed information about the way you would like your dog groomed. This information is to help us meet your grooming expectations. If your described groom is in our opinion not possible due to the dogs coat, hair texture or age then we will work with you prior to commencing the groom to create a mutual grooming plan that is to your satisfaction.

Hydraulic-Dog-Grooming-TubProducts and Equipment – At Pooch Pawlor we use all natural dog care products. To ensure the safety and comfort our of all our dogs regardless of size or age, we bath our dogs in a stat of the art hydraulic tub.  This enables the dog to walk into the tub without the need for a ramp.  We do not cage dry any dogs.  All hand drying is done in the open air environment created for your dog’s safety and comfort.

Matted Fur – Matted fur is fur that has become tightly knotted and unable to be brushed. Severe mats will not be combed out due to the discomfort and / or extreme pain that it can cause the animal. Excessive matting can also cause irreversible skin damage. We do not leave mats on animals as it can lead to sores on the skin.  Our policy puts all dogs’ health and comfort above cosmetics and aesthetics.  If we deem the coat is too matted the only humane thing to do is to either short clip or shave down the area.

Sedation – We do not administer sedatives to provide any services.

Anal Gland Expression – We express anal glands at our discretion or if requested by the customer.

Fleas or Ticks – In the event during the grooming process we discover your dog has fleas or ticks you will be contacted immediately and we will determine the best course of action.   If you suspect your dog has fleas or ticks, please contact your veterinarian for instructions prior to visiting the salon.

Ear Cleaning -
 Pets with adverse ear conditions will be referred to their veterinarian.Dog-nail-clipping-schaumburg

Nail Trimming
 – Every effort is made to trim nails as accurately as possible, in some cases to avoid physical discomfort the nail trimming may not be 100% “technically accurate”.

Refusal of Service / Aggressive Dogs – We reserve the right to cease any grooming services.   In the event any dog displays aggressive behavior or it becomes clear it is not in the best interest of your dog to continue grooming, services will be stopped. Dog(s) will not be groomed if it is not safe to do so or they are too large or too heavy to handle.

Our Customers

Elvis-HoweI love Pooch Pawlor Dog Grooming!   Anna took great care of me and didn’t put me in a cage to dry me – and I have lots of hair.   I can’t wait to go back!

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Grooming Services

Grooming Services

ServicesPooch Pawlor offers a full range of dog grooming services performed in a comfortable, cage-free environment.  See all our Grooming Services.

Our Philosophy

Pooch-Pawlor-Relaxed-EnvironmentYour pet's comfort and well-being is our highest priority.  Click here to read more about Our Philosophy.

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